Local 12 Officers

​​Ronald J. Sikorski, Business Manager & General Vice President

Dan Hawn, President

David Garbarino, Vice President

Larry Davison, Recording-Corresponding Secretary

Shawn Kinsey, Financial Secretary

Carl Mendenhall, Treasurer

​ ​Operating Engineers Training Trust
Larry L. Hopkins, Director of Training


With today’s advancements in technology, drones are becoming more and more useful in our industry. Some of the area’s where drone use is becoming prevalent, is in the Survey, Inspection and Construction classifications.

This work belongs to the Operating Engineers and getting our members ready for this new technology is important to us.

As a result, the Operating Engineers Training Trust & Surveyors Training Trust, have been working together, researching the use of drones in our industry and training our instructors to conduct drone training for local 12 members.



What is an

Operating Engineer?

Operating Engineers are highly trained, skilled professionals who...

  • Operate heavy construction equipment on high-rise buildings, roads and freeways, residential developments, dams, waterways, airports, and underground tunnels; or

  • Do specialized work operating cranes, concrete pumps, pile drivers, or drilling equipment; or

  • Perform inspections and testing during construction phase on such things as reinforced concrete, soils, structural masonry, prestressed concrete, structural steel, and welding; or

  • Repair and maintain heavy duty construction equipment, working in shops or on job sites where equipment has broken down; or

  • Work in plants that produce sand, gravel, asphalt, and concrete; or

  • Work on or near the water with dredging equipment; or

  • Evaluate and check the slopes and grade of the Earth



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