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Hazmat Documentation

This page is only for members currently enrolled in a Hazmat Class run by the Operating Engineers Training Trust - Local 12

Image by Michael Förtsch
Hazmat Documents

Please click on each icon to download all four of the required files


You will need Adobe Reader to easily fill out the forms.

Download and Installation

  1. Open desired Web Browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox)

  2. Navigate to

  3. Uncheck all of the "OPTIONAL OFFERS"

  4. Click on "Download Acrobat Reader" on the top blue button provided

  5. When prompted select “Save or Run”

    • If you select “Save” choose a destination (Downloads is the default)

    • Then click “Run”

  6. If User Account Control Window pops up, select “Yes or Run”

  7. Click “Finish”

Using Reader DC to Fill & Sign for completing worksheets 

  1. On the right-hand side select “Fill & Sign”

    • You can also find “Fill & Sign” in the Menu by going to

      • View > Tools > Fill & Sign > Open

  2. You will see the following show up at the top of the screen after the document is prepared

  3. Ensure that “Ab” is highlighted in blue as the example above

  4. Select each of the Fields to be filled out and enter the text for each of the information sections

    • i.e. Name, Address, Date etc.

  5. After filling out the date and time for the first available sign in grid selectthe “Sign” at the top

  6. If this is your first time, select “Add Signature”

    • You will now be presented with another window and menu

  7. ​​If you just want to “Type” your full name in, please do now

  8. You can also use the “Draw” mode if you have a touch screen device

  9. If you already have a signature saved as a file, select “Image”

    • Navigate to where the file is located and select “Open”

  10. After choosing the signature method select “Apply”

  11. You may now drag the Signature to the proper location in the grid

    • You also may resize the Signature by dragging out the box from the bottom right hand corner of the Signature

  12. Select “Save”

Send the forms to Training Trust

Once finished with filling out and saving all of the forms, please attach them in an email and send to 

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