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Course Schedule & Training Guide

Who is Eligible to Train?

The Trustees adopted criteria for use of training site facilities by trainees which are as follows:

I.     Must be an initiated member of Local 12 in good standing.

II.    Must be a registered apprentice.

III.   Must have special permission of the Director of Training.

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The Operating Engineers Training Trust is a non-profit entity created by the International Union of Operating Engineers - Local 12 and its signatory contractors to provide training for journeypersons, apprentices, and accepted applicants. 


Currently there are six training facilities located throughout Southern California that offer a variety of training opportunities to better the skills of our members.

Typical training site hours are 7:00am to 3:30pm Tuesday through Saturday.  Saturday training is subject to availability during scheduled apprentice classes.  


All classes are subject to cancellation based on the number of participants.  Registration for training must be completed 14 days prior to scheduled start date.


All apprentices must contact his or her apprentice coordinator in order to schedule for a class.

Proper attire and necessary personal protective equipment (safety equipment) is required at all training facilities, regardless of the scheduled class.  Shirts with sleeves (long or short, no tank tops), pants, proper footwear (no flip-flops).  Some personal protective equipment is available for loan at the various training facilities. 

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