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Course Schedule

The following is a complete catalog of all courses offered by the Operating Engineers Training Trust. All classroom materials are provided. The member must first schedule for a specific class in order to be guaranteed training in a specific class. Walk-ins will be taken if space is available, but this is a rarity which is not guaranteed.

Spring 2023 Semester Class Schedule

Many of the following classes are semester courses, meaning they occur every Saturday spanning the course of the semester. Each class that is scheduled like this will follow Schedule A, Schedule B, or Schedule C.


The following is a schedule of the dates in which these courses will be held:

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No Class Days at All Sites:

February 18th - President's Day Observation

April 8th - Easter Weekend

May 28th - Memorial Day Weekend

June 3rd - General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting attendance is mandatory

Course Locations

Course Schedules & Descriptions

Below you will find all of our offered courses split into categories.

Hover over the pictures for their descriptions

We are scheduling courses all of the time so check back frequently.

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